Social Media And Telemarketing Use The Same Principles To Generate Sales Leads

It’s always inevitable that when a new century gives birth to new ways for marketing and lead generation, people would pit it against the old. This not only goes for telemarketing but also for advertising as we still know it. Even on Facebook, the most popular social networking site to date, advertisements are seen more as a nuisance than as a convenience. As with the telemarketers of old, consumers no longer take kindly to those who market to them if they have no need for what is being presented.

Right there, you will see a common mentality underlying all this opposition. People don’t just want to be sold to. They want to be sold something they actually want. Therein lies the challenge of every business today, whether you’re a B2C or a B2B company.

In fact, it might even more important if you refined your targeting when you’re in an industry that dips in both.

Such is the situation faced by accounting software firms. There exist certain types of their product that is used by consumers while others are exclusively for businesses and it’s become commonplace to confuse the two. It’s because of this that social media is highlighted as the newest and arguably most effective medium when it comes to connecting with customers and potential software leads. Putting up your information and engaging with others in groups within social networking sites both takes more personality and active engagement. You can’t just automate everything. You need to show that you’re a real, living, breathing person who is interested in sharing knowledge and experience as well as willing to hear it from others.

What’s interesting is that most, if not all, of that are the same principles that original B2B telemarketing acts upon! You will find plenty of lead generation companies will reiterate to you the importance of making connections, building trust, and discovering (and addressing) the needs of a prospect company (even before attempting a sale). The information you gather from such an undertaking is actually critical to the sale itself because it affects everything from impressing the prospect all the way to the work you’ll be doing for them. With regards to accounting software, it compels them to check if the prospect is a business and not just an individual in need of his or her own personal accounting system. It tells them if their budget makes them viable to approach and whether or not they may have a need for a new system. The information just doesn’t go one way either. When you finally decide to approach, gatekeepers will also demand information about you in exchange. Whether you tell them what they need to know wouldn’t matter. They’ll look it up themselves (what with the many search engines today).

Some might say that with social media, there’s still no need for telemarketing. The thing is why limit yourself to just that? Why not integrate it as well? Some decision makers may not even like chatting too long on a site and would prefer to discuss things over the phone. Since they operate on the same principles, it’s only logical that opening yourself to both will give you a more convenience set of options.

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