Competing in a Global Market Via BPOs and Telemarketing Services

Reinvent or perish, this is the predicament that most companies have found themselves in. With the accelerated pace of globalization at the turn of the 21st century, old business tools have to be reexamined and replaced in favor of better devices like telemarketing services.

The world becoming a virtually contiguous market, on the one hand, has certainly opened a whole lot of new opportunities. The dismantling of many trade barriers across countries, on the other hand, has made competition broader and keener. Telemarketing services is one business tool that can best address these complementary developments.

Flexible tool from convergence of technologies

The days of the door-to-door salesmen are definitely Jurassic alternatives. The convergence of breakthroughs in various technologies such as telephony and computers has made it possible to reach a wider base of consumers, and at speeds never before experienced. It will be to the advantage of any business venture, whether that of a Fortune 500 or modest start-up firm, to harness the power of telemarketing services.

Telemarketing stands as a flexible tool that more than just introduce a company, its products and it services. It can serve as a vital component of a multimedia campaign that may very well serve as the final sales pitch that will win over a consumer.

Rifling those messages to consumers

Beachheads in the minds of consumers established by such marketing modalities as traditional print and broadcast advertisements can be fully explored with telemarketing services. Telemarketing can easily be molded to target specific market segments, a much more efficient method than the shotgun approach of direct mass media selling.

Well-trained telemarketers can bring personalized interaction with sales prospects. Certain grey areas that were not fully addressed in advertisements can be resolved through telemarketing.. With the highly measurable results it delivers, company resources can then be more wisely expended through telemarketing services..

In addition to the concrete sales results achieved, telemarketing has become an anchor of business enterprises to the hearts and minds of consumers. It has emerged as a valuable tool, for instance, in after-sales services. In so doing, consumer loyalty and repeat purchases can be effectively encouraged through telemarketing services.

The benefits of outsourced telemarketing

Admittedly, cost considerations may hamper a decision to set up an in-house department for telemarketing services. Nevertheless, much of the set-up cost can be reduced by outsourcing this business process to call centers. Business process outsourcing (BPO) ventures, in recent years, have multiplied exponentially with businesses’ want and need for more cost-effective tools to compete in the now highly global marketplace.

Through a BPO partner in telemarketing services, a company can concentrate on its core competencies. Its efforts can stay focused on the manufacture of quality goods or the efficient service delivery of a consumer need. Further market inputs can be built in, and continuously derived, from an outsourced telemarketing system. Putting all these benefits together, a company will have more agility and adaptability which are the prerequisites in order to survive and grow in a global market setting.

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